Faith United Methodist Church of Edmore

Child Protection Policy

 Purpose Statement:

The Faith United Methodist Church will implement and enforce the Child Protection Policy described below, in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all minor children involved in church programs or activities.

Policy Statement:

This policy will be followed by all church personnel and approved volunteers, when teaching or caring for minor children in order to carry out the functions of the church and its programs.

The Policy:

The Child Protection Policy consists of the following three (3) items.  All three must be in place during any programs which involve minor children entrusted to church care.

  1. All caretakers will have willingly provided their full name and birth date for a Michigan State Police Criminal Background Check.  This information will be used only to check criminal convictions of the type which would indicate that the person might be an unusual risk in the care of children.  Only the Pastor and/or the church secretary will view this information or the reports it generates.  All such information will be stored under lock and key.
  2. All caretakers will be associated with the church for at least six months before being approved to provide child care.
  3. There will be at least two (2) approved caretakers in/on the general area, floor or otherwise defined workspace in which children are being supervised.  At least one of the two will be over 21 years old.  Additional “helpers” may be allowed, but not in place of the approved caretakers.

Note:  Exceptions to requirements “1” and “2” above can only be made in writing—signed by both the Pastor and the PPR Chairperson.

Additional note:  The nursery attendant will care for no more than four (4) children (over 3 months of age and under 6 years) without additional help.