Pastor Dan has moved on to his new appointment, and I have felt very much at home and welcomed here with all of you at Faith United Methodist, completing this first stage of change in our new ministry together. I pray that any change that takes place in the coming, days, months and years, will only be for the good of our Lord, always striving to make our church family working for the good of God’s Glory. I pray that you all can embrace and find peace in any change that may come our way, as we move to find ways to get His message out to those who are lost in this dark and broken world. All I ask, is that you all bear with me, as I learn all I need to know about all of you, you learn all you need to learn about our family and our ministry, and we grow together in finding ways in “Going . . . Caring . . . and Sharing”, in and around the Edmore Community.

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